Custom Fitting

We coach, we fit, we care We coach, we fit, we care
Our added value to you

After spending years honing our skills and working closely with club golfers like you, we're confident that we can lend a helping hand wherever your game needs a little fine-tuning.

As your PGA Professional team, we deeply care about your golf game and the happiness it brings you. That's where the philosophy of We Coach, We Fit, We Care comes into action – our approachable team is always ready to listen to your concerns and help you make positive changes that bring success on the course.

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We pride ourselves on making golf clubs that are assembled and built for your golf swing that will help take shots off your handicap. Not only do we offer a price match promise but we guarantee we will provide you with better performing golf clubs and better value for money.

Our state-of-the-art technology will help you to not only better understand your golf swing but also understand which club specification will best suit your golf swing.

What is Custom Fitting?

Every golfer is different. Golfers are not all the same height, build, age, gender or ability. It is therefore very uncommon for anyone coming for a club fitting to walk away with the same club specification.

How can you be expected to play to your true potential when you are playing with equipment that does not suit you? Have you ever considered that some of the bad shots you play may not be your fault?

What is Custom Fitting?

Well, the term "custom fitting" has become very loosely defined over the last few years so the best place to start is probably explaining what custom fitting is not:

  • Professional Custom Fitting is not answering five or six questions on a website.
  • Professional Custom Fitting is not attending a Demo Day at your local driving range and hitting clubs until you find something you like.
  • Professional Custom Fitting is not something that can be accomplished from start to finish in 20 minutes or less, regardless of if you are hitting balls on a launch monitor.
  • Professional Custom Fitting is not done by altering a limited number of specifications of an existing standard-made set of golf clubs.
  • Professional Custom Fitting is not buying a driver with an adjustable hosel.

Professional Custom Fitting IS:

Working with a trained custom fitter to analyse all of your individual swing characteristics to accurately determine which clubs best suit your game

Professional Custom Fitting IS having all 14 of your golf clubs custom fit and custom built from scratch, in the same manner as a tailor making a custom suit, with every one of the key fitting specifications fit to your size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics .

Why Custom Fitting?

  • PGA qualified custom fitter
  • PGA Advanced Professional - Expert knowledge of the golf swing and how it affects your choice of clubs
  • A wide range of brands to try to find out what suits you best
  • State-of-the-art technology that allows you to compare the performance of different club specifications

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